Australian Made Contact Lenses - Delivered Direct to Your Door

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I wear my lenses for?

Our lenses can be worn up to one month with nightly removal. 

What is the expected delivery time?

Expected delivery time is between 5-7 working days.

Do I need a prescription?

You need a prescription for the purchase of any of our lenses. Please tick the box during the checkout process to acknowledge that you have a valid prescription.

Can I automatically refill my contact lens prescription?

If you would like us to send you lenses on a subscription basis, please tick the box during checkout and confirm how often and how many you would like us to send you.

Why are your lenses cheaper than my Optometrist?

We manage to keep our prices low as because we do not have many of the overheads that an Optometrist has. We deliver the lenses direct from our warehouse and this means we pass the savings on to you.

Do you ship outside Australia?

We do NOT currently ship outside Australia; however, we have distributors globally. Please contact us to find out how you can get your hands on our lenses.

What material are your lenses made from?

Our lenses are made from Methafilcon A which is a Hydrogel material. All our lenses are packaged in our Bio Moist solution which allows the wearer to maintain superior comfort throughout the day.

What is the difference between Sofclear Retro and Sofclear Classic lenses?

Retro lenses mask the natural colour of your eye to create a brand-new look Classic lenses provide a more natural colour change.

Does Sofclear Enhance work on all eyes?

No, Sofclear Enhance is NOT suitable for all eyes. Enhance lenses are only visible on lighter eyes. If you have brown eyes it will not be very effective.

What contact solution should I use for my lenses?

Please clean and store your lenses with multi-purpose contact lens solution available at your pharmacy or supermarket.

Can I use my glasses prescription to buy my contact lenses?

Contact lenses sit closer to your eyes compared to glasses, therefore you will require a different prescription for your contact lenses?

Where can I find my tracking information?

When we send your lenses to you, an email will be sent with your invoice and tracking information.

I have accidentally ordered the wrong product; can I return it?

Yes. While we do recommend that you take care in reviewing your order before and after you have submitted it, we understand that sometimes mistakes do happen. Please see our Returns Policy for more details.